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Wordpress Popular Plugins 2024

General use plugins for Wordpress.Read More →

Questioning Microservices Architecture

Trending microservices and monolithic systems.Read More →

NPM Configuration

How npm configuration precedence worksRead More →

Cache busting in Akamai (any CDN)

CDN cache busting.Read More →

Example CRON Schedule

CRON schedules.Read More →

Mocking the window object in Angular unit tests

How to mock the window object.Read More →

Caching in Angular framework

Overview and disabling caching.Read More →

Caching in Spring Boot

Overview and conditional caching.Read More →

Cultivating a Product Mindset for Software Engineers

Product mindset is a senior dev super power.Read More →

Approaches to using feature flags in GitLab

Thoughts on two approaches to feature flags on the GitLab platform.Read More →

Java exponential backoff and retry

One solution to implementing backoff and retry in JavaRead More →

Shockley's Ceiling Climb

Drone POV of climbing Shockley's Ceiling at the Gunks (Shawangunk Ridge) in New York's Hudson valley.Read More →

Markdown Examples

View examples of all possible Markdown options.Read More →

Next.js Pages

Learn more about Next.js pages.Read More →